Zeus Apartments - Boooski Akademik w Lublinie

Collaboration with WSEI

Collaboration with WSEI

If you’re looking for an independent university where you can successfully balance studying, working, and personal life – choose WSEI Academy, which emphasizes practical knowledge transfer by experts in their respective fields.

On June 14, Lublin WSEI Academy and Transhurt Sp. z o.o. signed an agreement regarding the rental of places in the „ZEUS Apartments” dormitory for candidates applying to study at WSEI Academy.

The ZEUS Apartments dormitory is just a 10-minute walk from WSEI Academy.

WSEI Academy is the largest private higher education institution in the Lublin region. Since its establishment in 2000, it has tailored its educational offerings to meet the demands and needs of the job market. It educates students who have no trouble achieving their desired career goals, and the university diploma is a reliable document for employers, confirming excellent job preparedness. More information can be found at [WSEI Academy](https://www.wsei.lublin.pl/aktualnosci/).